Win a HTC Vive Pro!
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This Competition is Limited to 149 Entries Max.

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Prize Details

Improved resolution for even better VR

The Vive Pro brings virtual reality that much closer to real life. You’ve got an improved screen panel with a higher resolution than before, so colours are more vibrant, details are more realistic and everything looks like it’s really there.

The headset has also been improved – the weight is more evenly distributed, and the strap is easier to adjust and secure. Simply put the headset on and slide the strap over your head. Done.

Hi-Resolution Audio with 3D audio

The Vive Pro has a headset built in, so you’ll get incredible quality surround sound audio. The Vive Pro is Hi-Res Audio certified as well, so you know you’re going to get music and game audio that makes you feel a part of the virtual world.

But don’t worry – if you’re playing a game that includes your friends in the real world, you can use Conversation Mode to hear what they’re saying. And if someone needs to get your attention, there’s Alert Mode. You’ll get a notification in-game, so if you’re in the middle of a haunted house you won’t be terrified when someone taps your shoulder.

Enjoy pinpoint accuracy

Dual motion controls and high-tech sensors throughout the headset give pinpoint accuracy as you explore and interact with digital worlds. Turn your head, touch objects, and even move around freely – the Vive Pro duplicates your movements in game to make it feel like you’re genuinely there.


Full virtual reality experience at home


110° field of view with improved screen panel


Hi-Res 3D spatial audio


Includes everything you need to run VR on your PC