Win a Honda Ride on or Robot Mower!
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Prize Details

INSTANT WIN: FIND Ticket No. 1 to win £100 Cash! 

WIN either of the below Honda Lawn Mowers! 

– Honda Garden Rider HF 1211 HE 

– Honda HRM3000 Miimo Robot Mower

Autonomous – The Honda HRM3000 is able to mow following the layout of your garden via a perimieter wire, it is also able to navagate through obsticles; such as trees on your lawn.

Mulch – Whilst cutting your grass the Miimo HRM3000 mulches the grass. The mulching blade on the Miimo cuts and re-cuts the grass clipping in to tiny particles. These small particles are blown downwards into the sward, out of sight. These tiny slithers of grass will breakdown within hours depositing key nutrients (i.e. nitrogen, potash and phosphate) back in to the lawn allowing micro-organisms and worms to carry these nutrients back into the soil.

Flexibility – the docking station can be located anywhere in your garden whether that is in a narrow passage, behind a shed or in a quiet corner.

Connectivity – With the HRM3000 you are able to connect to the machine via an app, there are no additional parts which need to be installed as this is supplied as standard. Using this app allows you to change various settings from your phone. i.e. cutting height, start/stop or even control its movement by remote control. Another useful setting is that are able to access the monthly timer allowing you to change the date when your Miimo finishes cutting.

Safe – The Miimo HRM3000 has been designed to be safely used in any garden and enviroment. It has sensors 360o surrounding the machine which can detect any slight lifting or tilting movements. If this happens then it instantly stops the blades for safety.

Interference – To prevent any interference from any nearby electronic devices, The Miimo uses a unique signal which allows it to guide itself around the garden.

Quite – The Miimo is a machine that can be set to cut as and when you like, even throughout the night, with its Li-ion batteries it is an incredibly quite machines which wont disturb you or your neighbours whilst it works.

Power  – As this machine is powered by its li-ion batteries they are incredibly relisable, when the machines batteries are running low, the Miimo will take itself back to its station to charge itself. Due to its low running cost and enviromental  impact, these machines have zero emissions and are highly efficient.

Honda Garden Rider HF 1211 HE

With a 28″ cut, generous 170 litre grass bag and the sheer ease and enjoyment that comes from using a Honda HF1211HE ride-on mower, you can put the smile back into looking after your lawn. These compact and agile machines are ideal for medium sized gardens, or those with trees, flowing borders or tighter curves where the tight turning circle and great all-round visibility makes short work of the task in hand.

When you have a large garden you need the right tools to manage it. A ride-on mower is the perfect solution, switching with ease between a low, neat cut for the lawn and a higher cut for orchards and paddocks.

Why not upgrade your lawnmower to our fantastic small ride-on? The 28″ cut and powerful key start engine of the HF 1211HE makes short work of the varied demands of the larger garden. The HF 1211HE also offers the gardener extra convenience, with it’s hydrostatic drive ensuring a superb cut at all speeds.

Designed for compactness and manoeuvrability, easy operation and animpressive turning circle. the Honda HF1211H makes light work in complex gardens with borders and trees. What’s more, the Honda HF1211H garden rider easily goes through a standard 90cm wide doorway and with the ‘one-touch’ easily removed grass bag it takes up little storage space.


OHV 4-stroke, Honda GXV340 337cc


5 Year Warranty


Up to 4000m2 Area Capacity (Robot Mower)


90 min Mow Time from charge